One of my best high school memories was when my father gave me a section of the garage to build my darkroom. It was all mine! 

My saved Sports Illustrated covers plastered the walls. Since the room was dark most of the time, I’m not sure what I was thinking but it seemed cooler than the paneled walls and they inspired me to find the story in pivotal moments around me.

My trusty Minolta SRT-201 went everywhere with me. I shot everything I could. Football was a favorite. I roamed the sidelines, dodging incomplete passes and brick house running backs. 

One year I talked the Head Coach into photographing the locker room at halftime. It was exactly what I envisioned.  We were losing, Coach wasn’t happy and the room was filled with an oppressive tension. I discretely captured some compelling images without drawing the wrath of the coach. Later, students and fans could see the full story of what happened behind those cinder block walls.

My senior year in high school I had to make the decision between my two passions: pursuing photojournalism or going into design.

I chose the design route and ended up at the East Carolina University School of Art. Attending a tough art school with an amazing group of instructors, I burned the midnight oil with fellow students on interesting projects that taught me more about seeking clarity in design and framing clean perspectives. 

After graduation, I earned my way to art director working on a variety of large challenging brands. It was invigorating to be teamed up with brilliant copywriters bringing concepts to life. How could we share the best of a brand? What made them special? How could we tell their story to the world?

During this time I watched and learned from some of the best photographers in the business…their interactions with clients and crew, and how they listened to my creative direction. 

All of these experiences shaped me as I made my way back to the camera full time as a photographer in-house at Wray Ward. I've had the opportunity to work on some big budget accounts while interacting with talented stylists and models in beautiful homes, perching precariously on crushed cars to find the best angle for a shot and floating downriver partially submerged with an underwater camera housing as two excited girls leapt off the stern of a boat. 

The recurring theme in every shoot is the story. If you don’t capture the moment or the story’s essence, the photos won’t resonate with the audience. I love to tell the stories. And I love to work with people in the process. Whether they're in front of the camera or beside me, they are equally important in the telling.

Let's work together to tell your story.



Clients: American Woodmark • Caesarstone • Cedar Mountain Banjos • Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority • Crescent Communitites • Freedom School Partners • Huber Engineered Woods • Hurst Jaws of Life • Levolor • Moen • READ Charlotte • Sunbrella • Charlotte Latin • VELUX Skylights • Wingate University • WIX Filters




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